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Relationship Management

Understanding the effects you have on others and they on you is strategic in todays business and personal encounters

Learn how to belong in an intimate and genuine relationship on a personal level. On a business level we learn confronting skills, how to influence others and the ability to recognize and apply our unique effectiveness in the work place. 

In person consultations

are in a private and peaceful setting held in total confidentiality. Designed to apply Emotional Intelligence to your personal challenges is most effective when directed to any immediate situation you may want to address. Schedule in person consultation

Online consultations

are a provided feature for the busy individual that wants a personal consultation in the comfort of their own setting. Schedule online consultation


are designed to provide an in depth understanding of E.Q. and how to apply it to any life skill. Seminars are styled in a classroom setting with a facilitator, key note presentations and active partisipation in a fun a little hearted approach. Purchase seminar seats


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