A definition for self management (the second domain of E.Q.) is the ability to control or redirect disruptive moods or impulses with the propensity to suspend judgement and think before acting (to respond rather than react).

We live at a very exciting time, in the last decade science has seen an unparalleled burst of new awareness of our emotional selves.

Largely due to innovative methods of monitoring the brain through brain imaging technologies we have witnessed the source of the deep mystery of the emotional brain.

The thinking brain grew from the emotional brain which existed long before the neocortex evolved. The neocortex allows for the complexity of emotional life, such as the ability to have feelings about our feelings.

We can now understand more clearly how we can move to rage or tears, how we can make war or love and at the same time have the capacity to recognize and direct those emotions to our benefit.

You will be a small part of the population that has the ability to recognize and direct constructive emotions towards your best interests. You can learn how to do this by attending our seminar on Managing Your Emotions. Visit our website to learn more about Simpatico and Emotional Intelligence.


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