Human tendencies that seem to be innate in adults, as well as children, have been in place as long as man has been a subject of study. There are certain typical behaviors of the human that can be observed repeatedly. For example, as humans we have a natural curiosity towards the unexplainable and we are always exploring. One reason, man is not comfortable with not knowing. In fact I would dare say that people have tried to over explain what they seem to know least about, rather than admitting they don’t know and they have no way of knowing.

Manipulation seems to follow exploration, after all what good is a discovery if you can’t put it to good use. Making our discoveries work for us in some kind of capacity is often the next step. Control is very important to the human. I would suspect because we realize that most of our world is beyond our control. Nothing remains the same as we watch a world in constant flux. In fact the only thing we can count on is change. This idea of needing to be in control is probably supported by our need for order. We prefer order, then to chaos and confusion. This desire for order is also born out of a need for exactness and perfection. Atelophobia is a neologism that explains our fear of not being perfect, meaning a fear of imperfection. We love to perfect our work and play activities. We like repetition in what we enjoy.


The more unstable the world situation becomes, the more we long for a static existence. The closer we move into the world of the future, it becomes obvious we are going to need some coping skills. We can acquire those skills through (E.Q.) Emotional Intelligence. E.Q. shows us how to form an adaptability and a resiliency for our emotional quagmires. It teaches us we can redirect the human tendency to control everyone and everything, towards controlling our internal world of emotive thinking instead.

As humans we fashion our whole day around three components of our emotional needs. Safety, reward and validation are the mind sets we strive to keep in a comfortable vicinity of all that we do. If we aren’t feeling safe in any endeavor, we work to correct that situation. We are constantly looking to be rewarded at every turn of a task. Validation dictates much of our striving, in hopes that we will be acknowledged and appreciated for our contributions and accomplishments. These are just a few of the emotional needs that are vital and if they go unmet, they cause disruption in the psyche.

Our emotions are where the quality of this life will be found. Our emotions are there to advise us of needed changes, alert us to unsafe situations and procure our ability to show empathy, which is one of the most profound of our human tendencies.

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