Emotional Integrity

Emotional intelligence  (E.Q.) is an ability to recognize, understand and direct our feelings towards a productive outcome in our lives. Emotional integrity is a step up from having emotional intelligence in that it takes an amplitude of understanding.

When dealing with others the integral person has a devotion to empathetically address peoples emotions first and then their behaviors. They have the capacity to allow their associates, friends or loved ones to feel felt. Situations become an opportunity to engage and connect with all people on an intimate level. Whatever the dilemma, the person that posses emotional integrity is secure in their approach in any setting. They are confident because they understand self awareness, the first and most important domain of E.Q. Understanding themselves first they are therefore able to navigate challenges with clear cut boundaries. Having a deep respect for others, seeing everyone as a unique individual with gifts to offer, puts them in a position to be appreciated as well.

Recognizing peoples need to be acknowledged for whatever they bring to the table is a small part of their comprehensive acumen of the human psyche. They also have an awareness of the foibles and negative tendencies of humans. For example they realize our resistants to change and our sensitivity to criticisms, can often take over mental wellbeing.

When it comes to making decisions, people with emotional integrity comprehend the difference between making logical objective considerations or an emotional based decision from personal subjective values. This is not to advocate one over the other because our brains are incapable of making any judgements without both cognitive and emotional input.

The wonderful part of having E.Q. is that the thinker is aware and in control of both logic and emotion. They know that the imagination is where creativity resides as well as visualization of the numinous. At the same time they can choose to return to objective reality and arrive in the best of both worlds. This is what it means to have the powerful insight of our emotive and cognitive thinking. If we allow our emotions to do their job we are able to remain connected to all of life on a grand scale. This enriching duality of thought supports our staying involved in this magnificent universe, with all it’s mysteries and divine detail.

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