I have been teaching, consulting and facilitating for eight years and have seen the wonderful positive effects that Emotional Intelligence has on many people.

We have seen clients come from pharmaceutical dependency and other self distracting negative coping skills, to self directed and free thinking individuals. After coming to understand the four domains of emotional intelligence they have a new found control of their emotions and relationships in their lives.

How the 4 domains of Emotional Intelligence can help you is to recognize the significance of first understanding the self. “Man sees the world not as it is but as he is.” All insights began with the self. The first domain of E.Q. is Self Awareness and is always a popular study because as humans we constantly seek to understand ourselves. When we recognize our unique autonomy we form a genuine intimate relationship with our selves. We are pleased to be our own best friend. We learn that our experiences matter and how effective we can be in the world by cultivating our talents. Through self understanding we heal old hurts, learn to recognize opportunities from negative circumstances and become more altruistic.

Becoming an emotionally intelligent individual, you will have qualities of thought. You will live wholeheartedly and know you are worthy to belong in any endeavor you choose. You will have a courageous outlook as you approach life. I describe this approach as an authenticity allowing you to fully embrace your vulnerability. The reason vulnerability is so important because it is the birthplace of our creativity and change.

Most importantly when you become proficient in the skills of emotional intelligence you will be showing up and participating in your life according to your values and not your fears and doubts.

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