Why is it that many of us in our society don’t know how to grieve? I certainly don’t remember being educated on the emotion of grief, or how to manage it. I don’t recall any class or curriculum in all my schooling that has prepared us to deal with the intense emotions that are typical of the human condition. The very quality of our lives lies in our ability to navigate our internal worlds. Not to fall victim and be dragged through life reacting to every dilemma, in a less than assertive reaction, has always been considered a better way to live.

The problem is we weren’t schooled in the many emotions that accompany the losses this life guarantees. We lose arguments, money, friendships, vocations and convictions, just to name a few. We eventually lose our youth, good looks, physical endurances and coordinations that once allowed us to move smoothly through life. There is no doubt that losing a loved one will happen to all of us if we live long enough.

Simpatico’s upcoming seminar is Coping with Grief and Loss. Be sure to attend and be prepared for life’s inevitable curve balls. If you are having trouble managing your grief, due to the loss of a loved one, you will find comfort in approaching it with the skills of Emotional Intelligence.


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